Monday, April 8, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shades of Grey - Week 14

The further through this project I get the more I realise that this is not just about the different shades of grey that I find scattered around my daily life but also about the patterns hidden within each of the patches of grey. Often the pattern impacts upon the shade of grey of the object distorting it to many more than just one shade of grey.

This is detailed stitching on the side of another pair of my running shoes. I really liked it because of the varying textures and patterns created by the construction of the shoes. First there is the fabric and the weave of this material. For this photograph I simply rested my shoe on its side on the bed. I had the overhead light on, which gave the slight yellowy reflection on the top of each "bulge" of fabric. I also had bright sunlight coming through the windows from one side.
I like the stitch detailing on the shoes but I think that is mainly because I am a sewer, even with my paper crafting. I frequently using stitching, both machine and hand to accept and highlight layouts and projects.
The final thing I really liked about this pattern are the detail stripes on the opposite angle to the stitching. They are a clear plastic, but in some lights look to be grey themselves.

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