Saturday, April 13, 2013

Starting her early...

When my granddaughter was born I was at the hospital for the birth and being a good scrap booker I took a lot of photos as soon as she arrived and I haven't really stopped since.
As she has started to grow up we have bonded and are very close and she knows she can come to Nana for a cuddle or when she is upset (or Mummy has growled). We've spent a lot of time down in my scrap book studio doing painting and playing with paper from a very young age. I love sharing with her my love of crafting and the feel of glue and ink on my fingers.

Today I was working on some inking some cogs I had cut out of recycled cardboard with my Tim Holtz Alterations "Gadget Gears" die for an altered project I am working on at the moment. (Nearly let slip what the project was... caught myself just in time!!!)
Sonia-Marie came and joined me and stood watching for a few minutes as I rubbed the Tim Holtz Distress Ink onto the die cut using my foam applicator. She ducked and dived about a bit, then I moved over to one side so she could see better. Next thing I know, I have an extra hand on the handle of the foam applicator, helping me to put the ink on.
Not long after that I got the order of the boot, as someone who shall remain nameless, took over and did it all by herself. Not too bad for only four years old. Okay I may need to go touch some up, but the technique wasn't too bad. I couldn't resist taking a video of her to share with you.

Or to view the video on YouTube... please follow the link below.

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Morgyn Mlinarek said...

So clever - and super cute!!
Defiantly a budding crafter in the making