Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Displaying the Wares... or more the lack thereof!!!

A few weeks (of more like months now) ago I went down to road to visit my friend Faith. She lives about an hours drive from me though if I really wanted to get technical she is literally around the corner and down the road... if I followed the road around the corner and just kept driving... but I digress.
Faith has not long moved into her newly finished office and scrap book studio, so I was stoked to be able to spend some time checking out her new digs. She's split her space into two areas using a couple of sets of cubby shelf units which she uses to display some of her creations and crafty gifts. Her display looked so amazing that when I started to plan my rearrangements I knew I had to do this as well... well something similar at least.
I already had a 12 hole cubby unit in the studio though when I looked at it honestly, I was seriously under utilising it. It had become quite literally a junk storage area where things went to live, never to see the light of day again.
So I emptied it, move it forward a couple of metres (thanks to darling hubbie's assistance), cleaned and polished it and then started to fill it up. I sorted out some of the crafts I have made and the things I have been given from some of my fellow scrappers and crafters and started to place them in the cubbies.
I've come to the conclusion I give away too many things and don't keep enough for myself... cos it looks pretty bare even after I've put in everything I wanted on display (and some I would not usually put on display). In addition I have room for boxes of all my swap items - tags, stick pins, flowers, cards etc; some items I have bought that are waiting for altering and some bottles of wine and port... many of which were 40th birthday presents.
So here is how it looks now...
Display as it now looks. 
 Top Shelf
Left - altered mask from Shar; 2012 Circle Journal "Inspiration"
Centre - Back Recycled Christmas Decorations (from Christmas Craft Challenge 2012); Altered Box from Faith; 2011 Circle Journal "Love Starts"
Right - Mini Album "Destination Earthquake Central"; Altered "P" from Faith and a selection of altered matchboxes
 Second Shelf
Left - Mini Album - 6" x 6" Recipe Swap Album; Mini Album for Class "Being Jordan"; Mini Album "Jordan's Big Adventure" (This is the story of my nephew's accident involving a cup of hot water and his recovery from being air-lifted by Westpac Rescue Helicopter to leaving hospital
Centre - Altered polystyrene balls; Christmas Decorations from SO Swap 2012; CJ "Scrap Effects"; Mini Pillow Gift Bag from Faith
Right - Selection of gifts bags; Altered Diaries and my 2013 Calendar from the SO Calendar Swap - yes it's on April as I do actually use it!!!
Third Shelf
Left - Altered Box "Christmas" from Tracey; Aussie Junk Journal from Gail; Halloween Charm in box from Fiona
Right - Altered Box; Mini Album (Sorry I can't remember who from); Toilet Roll Album - Shar
The other cubby in this row is filled with the boxes of all my swaps until I sort out how to display them - cards; tags; stick pins; charms and flowers
Bottom Shelf
Left and Right some of the items I have bought or been given which I want to alter eventually. 
The other cubby is filled with my wine and port from my birthday.


Gypsy said...

Sounds like you need a French Notice Board for the swap stuff.

ScrapFX said...

Thanks for the idea Gypsy. I've only ever known them as pin boards, never heard them called "French" Notice Boards before.
Certainly worth thinking about, though my big issue may be then finding enough wall space to hang it.