Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bob the Builder & Tim the Toolman Taylor meet Paula the Perfectionist

I haven't exactly been creating pages as such over the past couple of days though technically I have been creative. And I did take pictures of the process so that I can scrap them!!!

My scrapbook studio is the double garage underneath the top story of our home. (We have a second garage which is why I have the luxury of having the whole garage to myself... well I have to share with the laundry but that doesn't take up much room.)

The problem with the garage is a distinctinve lack of space particularly given the amount of scrapbooking and now jewellery making stuff I have.

So the Warehouse has some storage cupboards on sale so I went and bought two more to go with the two that I already have. I have spent the past two days, building and decorating the cupboards and then rearranging the garage so they could fit. (Ok that bit is still a work in progress)

Here they are, well at least the top halves, so you can read the sayings on them.

I have to say (well the perfectionist in me does), that unfortunately the quality of the paint job / coating on the new cupboards was a little disappointing. When I pulled the backing paper off having rubbed on the rub-ons, in a couple of places some of the coating tore off. Bummer, I need to find a solution, but they don't look too bad.
All I need to do now is resort the entire studio... any volunteers??

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Gee said...

awesome work my friend, you'll end up with heaps of floor space and be able to reorganise your tables and chairs for classes.

As for volunteering been there done