Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creative of Sorts

In the broad sense of creativity, including the pre-planning and organisation that goes into being creative, I have been very creative over the past couple of days. That is to say I have been very busy sorting and organising all my flowers so that my future creative processes and endeavours should in theory flow a little easier.

My existing flower storage facility was over flowing to the point where I had quite a pile of flowers looking for a home. I had three 5-drawer mini storage sets that housed all my flowers by colour but it was full to the brim. 

I recently bought 2 sets of 6 glass mini storage jars - like mini versions of those cookie jars that have a extra flat surface so they can sit on an angle which makes it easier to get the cookies out. I picked up each set of 6 jars for $6.oo from one of the Asian variety stores here in Papakura. I would have bought more, but that was all they had (Sorry to everyone hoping they might get a set as the storage option of our Christmas Challenge).

So the past two days have been spent sporting and re-arranging all my flowers. I now have my flowers sorted still by colour, but split between large flowers - now exclusively in the drawers; and small flowers - now in the storage jars.

I think they look premo and very decorative and I may have to find somewhere to store them outside of their current location in the cupboard. Maybe those mini shelves by the studio front door which once housed nails and screws and other manly things that usually reside in a garage.

Anyway here they are... no I'm not going to count how many flowers I have, suffice it to say... LOTS!!!

Large Flowers - L to R & Top to Bottom
Blue, blue, teal, green, purple
Pink, pink, orange, yellow/orange, yellow
White, cream, brown, black, red

Small Flowers - L to R by row

Orange, red, pink, pink, purple, blue, teal/grey
Yellow, white, green, brown

Cream, black

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