Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge

It's now mid-way through November, Christmas is just around the corner and will soon be knocking on our door singing "I'm here, tough if you're not organised!!!"

This year it seems I have a lot more free time on my hands (though where it goes I am yet to work out), given I am yet to find any work. (Dear Santa for Christmas I would love a high paying job, full-time, close to home, interesting work, great atmosphere, lovely colleagues and not too much stress.) 

Sorry about the digression there... as I was saying, more time on hands, more time to fill and I definitely need to find something to do to get into the Christmas Spirit given it is probably going to be a very lean year!!

So this year I have decided to set my a Christmas Craft Challenge and I would love people (anyone actually) to join in on the challenge. Now I understand that you may want to know a bit more about it before you commit your valuable time and craft supplies so here is the gist of it...

From 1st December to 24th December every day (or every second day - whatever you think you can commit to) create a unique Christmas ornament or object for your tree, display or table and post a picture to my blog or a link to where we can see the finished product. You can do this alone or get the kids to join in and get creative with you. There are no limits to quantity, quality, materials, products or anything else other than that it must be Christmasy and everything must be unique.

Now for some ideas to get you thinking...
  • Christmas Crackers - make your own complete with Christmas snap, party hat, silly joke and gift inside.
  • Beaded Icicle decoration for your tree
  • Decorated Candle for on the Dining Table on Christmas Day
You don't have to go out and buy new products (unless you want to and can afford to); you can be like me and just try to use items from your craft stash.

As a starter in the next day of two I will post on this blog my Christmas Cracker Recipe. I have been using it for so many years I can just about do it blind-folded. It's very simple and the crackers look fantastic as part of the table setting. And let's be honest although no-one likes wearing the silly hat, but we all still do wear them and we all love fighting over who has the best joke, but most of all its the "BANG" when you pull your crackers apart that thrills kids of all ages.

Please leave a message if you are keen to join in, as well as a note as to how many ornaments or objects you will be doing.

I can't wait to see the finished items. Don't forget to take a photo and post either it or a link to the blog.


Julie said...

Is it possible to go every 5 days or so? I'm not sure I could commit to 1 a day or even one every other day. So something like 5 new items before Christmas? Just an idea. It this is a go, I'd be interested. e-mail me if this would work or check out my blog and post a comment on one of my postings. Oh also does goodies count?

ScrapFX said...

Hi Julie,

Of course! I am happy for anyone to do any many as they like or feel they are able to. I appreciate that not everyone has as much time as I do at the moment and least of all heading into the hectic Christmas period.
I'm just happy that someone else is keen to step up to the challenge.

Thanks Paula

Julie said...

Okay girl, then starting December 1st I'll be part of your Christmas Craft Challenge. I will post on my blog a project I've done, come here and tell you about it and you can come to me and check it out. I will try and get 5 new items this year. This will be fun and I like the idea of letting my little ones be part of it too. I can't wait to see what you come up with yoo. Such a treat to be part of this, thank you for inviting me.
Have a terrific Thanksgiving and see you in a couple of weeks. Take care and God Bless!!

Julie said...

Oh I'll also post on my blog all about this and see if I can get anyone interested too. I don't have many follows but you just never know maybe someone will come by and see the challenge. If you get a minute check it out and see if it looks good to you.
Back to work now, I have three little ones today, just sent another one on the bus and mine off to work and school. Busy morning since 4:30.
Take care.

Kim said...

I came to your challenge via Julie - I'm in! I'll start December 1st. Can't wait to see what inspiration you'll provide!!!

ScrapFX said...

Hi Kim, nice to have you on board. Now I really have to get my thinking cap on!!!

Gee said...

I'm in, I brought some christmas crackers from the $2 shop and will be filling them with my own brand of treats....I hope I have something ready to post come the 1st week of Dec.

DeliciousScraps said...


Thank you for your kind words!! You have a wonderful blog - beautiful creations!

Have a great day,


Gypsy said...

I'm in! It won't always be a decoration but it will be Christmas related craft item and I'll try for every day cause I like a challenge! Good luck I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

Julie said...

Paula, today was I awarded a cool award and I am passing it long to you. Go to my blog and pick it up when you have the time.
I wanted to tell you just how much I love reading your posts. You make me smile everytime I stop by. Thank you!!!
P.S. So far have to ornaments to share with you for your craft challenge. More to come.

Queen T said...

Am in - I have posted my December 1st already.