Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Circle Journal

Forgive me readers, it's been a few days since my last post. I do have some goods excuses honestly so hopefully that will appease everyone and I won't be sent to purgatory!!
This week is always hectic each year. It's my sister's birthday on the 10th, mine on the 11th and Dad's on the 12th. We also used to have a few others thrown in the same week but they are no celebrated for one reason or another. My husband has also been incredibly sick this week and it's not so much that he needs all this extra care (no comment about man-flu) it's more just that when he's not well I don't expect him to help out as much around the house and you really notice it when you're the one doing most of it.
Anyway I digress...
I finally received my 2012 Circle Journal back that I have been doing with some of the amazingly talented people from the Crafting Passionz and Scrappers Obsessionz groups. The talent of some of the crafters that I am blessed to know just astounds me and I count my chickens that I am able to have a tiny taste of it all to myself... even though I am sharing it with you.
I know you will love their creations as much as I do!!
In these earlier blog posts I went into a bit more detail about my journal and how I created it. Part 1, part 2 and part 3.
But now to share all the completed pages from the other contributors:
Quick refresher - my cover pages (inside and out), definition page (part of my instructions) and sign in pocket. 
 Quick refresher part 2 - my pages and tag that I created.
Gail's creations
I love the background that Gail created with tissue paper and will definitely have to try something like this myself very soon. I love anything interactive especially in mini-albums so really enjoyed the waterfall journaling, particularly as I'd only ever seen it used on cards before. The other unique embellishment was the butterfly with stick pin attached. I really like this idea because it's so different.
Jude's creations
I love the colours that Jude has used for her background. She has used water-colours so they blend so well together, but I really like that they still have an intensity to their tone without looking washed out as sometimes can happen. I also really like the way the stamping also has a washy look to it rather than having a harsh stamped look. I love all the hand-written journaling as well. And definitely need to get some of these collage stamps that Jude has used.
Tash's Creations
Tash turned the interactive flap for her set of pages into a top-loading pocket with tag. I love that people did take up my challenge to do something different with this element of the album even though I am sure they hated me for putting it in there in the first place. I love the colour scheme, love the background and love the embossed heart with wings. Definitely a favourite of mine!! There are just so many things about these pages that every time I look at them I discover something new and that is truly an indication of someone who is very talented.
Faith's Creations
Another stunning background. I love this colour scheme as it's so very fresh and does remind me a lot of Faith. I really like the different layers Faith has used in her background to make it so interesting and just adore the crumpled flowers. Faith also created a pocket for a tag from the flap, but her's is side opening. I love the tag and really love the gemstone dangles at the bottom of the tag. I never thought of using my bind-it-all (or similar) like this - brilliant idea.
Shar's Creations
I am happy to admit that I was really stunned when I saw Shar's pages. Shar is the queen of chic and shabby and vintage and everything that I am not, so this is so NOT her normal style of scrapping but I couldn't love it more. The simplicity of her monochrome creation is just amazing and so stylish. I love, love, love it... and yes it is definitely my style. And I love that she told me that she knew exactly what she wanted to do as soon as my journal arrived on her doorstep. I love those aha MOJO moments!!
All our sign in tags - back and front
I love these almost as much as I love everyone's pages because they all go perfectly with each person's respective pages.
I can't thank everyone enough who participated in this year's circle journal. It was only the second for the group but I know it will not be the last. If you are interested in joining in next year's circle journal then please leave a message with your contact details and I'll be sure to let you know when sign-ups are announced.

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