Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wine Journal

I spoke to my parents over the weekend, something I probably don't do often enough, but it was Father's Day so I made sure I phoned them for a catch up. (Make sure I'm still in the good books so I'm not taken out of their wills - just kidding).
My mother happened to slip into the conversation that my dad is going to be 70 this year. His birthday is the day after mine so I have NO EXCUSE whatsoever for forgetting what day it is, though I didn't realise it was a "big" birthday.
The budget is pretty tight here at the moment, but I couldn't send down nothing, so I had a bit of a think and finally came up with a brilliant idea. So this afternoon I sat down and put brilliant idea into action. 
My parents are both wine drinkers though my father in particular takes pleasure in analysing what they drink. I know he keeps records of what wine he buys and what he thinks of it, though I think he does this on the computer at home.
Now that mum has finally retired, they will be hoping to spend a bit more time in their bus (RV with all the mod-cons including satellite TV, toilet and shower). I know they will probably take their laptops and Kobos and whatever other toys they have, but I didn't think dad would take a full copy of his Wine Library with him, so what better present idea than a Wine Journal for the bus for all their drinking while they are away travelling.
I Googled some templates for wine journals and found a selection of different pages. I couldn't get one exactly like I wanted or in the size and orientation to suit the journal I was planning, so I created my own based on a combination of those I had found. I created the template in Microsoft Word and printed two per A4 page doubled sided (so four per page). I cut them in half to give me journal pages A5 size.
The covers were recycled cardboard, covered with patterned paper - same method I have used in the past. I added a stamped title to the front, keeping it very simple.
To finish it all off I bound the journal using my Bind-It-All. (This step took longer than expected as it's been a while since I used it... note to self - make more journals, soon!!)
 Front Cover
 Back Cover
Inside front cover and page template. The inside covers are the opposite to the outside of the covers.


Gypsy said...

Is that paper on the inside MME? It's very cool- the paper and the journal!

ScrapFX said...

Yes - It's from the Lost & Found - Union Square collection (now archived). I've bought a few of their paper packs from Warehouse Stationery here.
Thank you Gypsy. I love the way it's come out. Simple and manly, even with a little bit of glitter lol.