Saturday, September 8, 2012

Halloween Swap Flowers

I've finished the second flower for the Halloween Swap over on Scrappers Obsessionz Forum. You can see a tutorial on the first flower of the pair here.
Today I show you the second flower(s) for the swap.
 Each arrangement is a black pipe cleaner spider web with three felt lilies entwined. The webs and flowers are all individually hand made so each one has a unique look. I've just wrapped the flower stems around the web so that they can actually be removed and rearranged if desired.
I was only able to source fat fluffy pipe cleaners, so each one had to be trimmed to a slimmer version in order to be used to create the web. Each web took two pipe cleaners, so that was a lot of pipe cleaner haircuts!!

Below is the pair of the flowers that each participant in the swap will receive.
I really love the way that both sets of flowers have turned out. And both finished flowers looked exactly as I imagined if not better.

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