Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our New Kitten

I've been sitting on these pictures for a while of our then new kitten going out into our backyard (which looks like a jungle as we back onto native bush) for the very first time. Every now and then I pull them out, move them around the page several times, then put them back in the bag until next time. Finally I put my foot down and said do something with them!!!
It's a very simple page... just lots of photos which we all know can often be hard to decide what to do with. I spent a fair bit of time getting the layout of the photos just so. I wanted it clean but not too uniform... which was easier said than done when you are a perfectionist.
I hand stitched the cross bars to anchor the page then decided it also needed a simple frame as well... good thing I had some videos to watch last night!!!
To finish it off I simply added a title in glitter letters to compliment the grey in her coat before added some pre-made embellishments.

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