Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halloween Stick Pins - Part 2

I have to make two Halloween themed stick pins for a swap on Scrappers Obsessionz Forum. I've already posted about the spider stick pins which you can see here. For my second stick pins, I couldn't resist another tip of the hat to Vampires... particularly as I've just finished watching the first four movies from the Twilight series. As I'm also a huge True Blood fan, my choice was almost a given.
Here are my Vampire inspired stick pins. The pin head (which just looks like a white blob - sorry) is the vampire's tooth and dripping from the pin are the lines of blood. Yes another gruesome stick pin creation from Paula, but don't they just look so cool!!!
Close up of my "Bloody" stick pins.
The two complete sets of stick pins that I will be sending to the host. 
Each participant in the swap, will get one of each stick pin.

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