Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 - Painted Glass Baubles

This is another Pinterest find... too many really great ideas on there... it's hard to choose favourites!!!

I bought some of these last year for some of my Christmas Crafts Challenges and really like using them, so after Christmas I picked up some more, slightly smaller than my first ones, on sale (bonus!!) with this particular craft in mind.
Last year's creations - music bauble, Sonia's tinsel bauble, beads bauble and joy bauble.

These first ones were made by carefully drizzling acrylic paint of various colours inside the baubles. Again not all acrylic paint is created equal... the more liquid the paint, the better (and easier) the flow around the inside of the glass bauble. I've included pictures on both my usual black background but also in front of white background as they look quite different.

Metallic red, silver and yellow. I really like the way these blended together. The silver was really thick though and didn't flow all that well. 

Navy, light blue and green. More gaps between the paint flows this time. All three paints were more liquid and I found it was much easier to get a flow down the inside walls of the bauble.

Pink and red... only two colours, so this left more gaps. Looks really cool below with the white background. 

Tried this using a hot pink glitter paint. The paint was quite runny so covered the inside of the bauble really easily but it looked really thin, not much substance and the glitter was not as obvious as I would have liked. This paint also took the longest to dry!!!! (It's probably still drying!!!)
While it was still wet, I carefully shook in a selection of other colours of glitter to give it a bit more oomph. The problem with this was that it meant it really didn't photograph well at all. My camera only focused on the outside of the near side but in real life it is quite transparent so you can clearly see the glitter on the inside.
 The last two baubles I decided to experiment a little with some alcohol ink. Very quick drying and quite smelly so use in a well ventilated area.
At first I didn't let one colour dry enough before I added the second colour, so it all ended up one jumbled colour that look like a big black blob in the bottom.
So I kept adding a bit more alcohol ink... then a bit more... then some more... and eventually got a density of colour that I liked. These both have two colours each to create these effects.
Despite the fact this bauble looks deformed... it's not... not sure why it turned out like this... maybe the lighting??

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