Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 15

Day 15 - Gift Tags

I know some people really put some effort into creating some truly amazing gift tags... and I applaud you for your efforts but I have a youngish family who barely even look at the tags on their way to ripping the wrapping paper off to see what is hidden inside...
So I decided a few years ago that simple (aka quick and easy to make) was the way to go for me and this year has been no exception.
I was struggling for any idea on what to make for this year's tags. I'd been stalling really... the presents have just been piling up in my studio waiting for the inspiration to hit so I could wrap them up and label them to make sure they went to the right person.
And then it hit me... die cut!
I have a die cut machine (well several but shuuuuussssshhhhh)...
I have tag dies to use in my die cut machine...
I have other dies to use in my die cut machine that would make ideal embellishments for the tags...
Duh!!! Too easy...

Step 1 - pull out die cut machine
Step 2 - select die for tag base
Step 3 - select die for tag embellishment
Step 4 - select cardstock for tag
Step 5 - select patterned paper for embellishment
Step 6 - trim cardstock and patterned paper to size of die (to minimise wastage)
Step 7 - cut out as many tags and embellishments as I can get from selected cardstock and patterned paper
Step 8 - glue embellishment onto tag in opposite colours, with embellishment slightly off centre
Step 9 - add jute tie to tag
Step 10 - write to and from and add to parcel

From two sheets of cardstock and two 6" x 12" pieces of patterned paper I was able to make 36 tags... the exact number I needed to make. (Well OK  I could have done with maybe four more... I made do!!!)

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