Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 6

Day 6... Secret Santa Swap... Part 1

I love Christmas time (in case you hadn't noticed...)

I love it because I love giving gifts...

I also love receiving gifts especially when they are scrap booking and crafting related...

I don't usually get much (read anything) scrap booking or crafting related from my family for Christmas or birthdays... so I really, really, REALLY love a swap like this when I know I am definitely getting something scrapping or crafting related from someone who knows what are the really useful and cool things that someone like me will like... 

This year I was given my friend Jude to buy and create a present for. I knew she liked vintage, shabby chic styles so I knew I would have to do some shopping as I really didn't have much in my stash or my store that would fit the bill. 

I have to confess that after my shopping excursions for Jude's gift, I now have a bit more vintage style stuff in my stash as I bought a few things for myself as well along the way.

Here are some pictures of the altered box as well as the goodies I included inside...
This was a plain paper mache box from Spotlight. I painted it white with Gesso. I scrunched up patterned tissue paper, then smoothed it out so that it still had a little texture to it, then I adhered the tissue paper using Elmer's glue. The tissue paper also lines the inside of the box as well. Around the edge of the lid and the bottom of the base, I adhered a single stripe of washi tape in a coordinating script pattern.
On the lid I also added a little clear paint with a crystalline glitter in it to highlight the larger stars, though it's probably too subtle to show in the photograph. I also added a wired ribbon bow I made as well as some white paper roses, carnations and small flowers which I spritzed with gold Glimmer Mist.
All the goodies packed inside the altered box. 
 This was what was included inside... stick pins inside a decorated petal-fold envelope, laces, doilies, wooden butterfly buttons, paper flowers, glitter coated flower stems (because we make a lot of flowers as swaps), bag of ribbon slides and charms, some vintage style printed tickets and a bottle of My Huey's mist in white.
The doilies... from KaiserCraft in the packet and some that I hand made myself... proof I have learnt to crochet... as long as it's a round thing!! 
Close up of the stick pins and some plain fancy pins.
 I covered some recycled cardboard in some leftover tissue that matched the box and then wrapped the laces around them. One for whites, the other for ivories and creams.
The paper flowers I enclosed... roses, carnations and mini flowers in white and pink. If you like these I will soon be adding some to my stock so be sure to look up my website for these and many other styles, sizes and colours.

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