Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 2

The past three or four years I have bought the next year's diary and altered it for a personalised diary for the coming year. Not only do I alter the covers but I also remove some extraneous pages I never use and add in some month dividers which also double as planners and birthday lists.

I was talking about doing it again this year and some friends suggested we plan a day and all get together to do this as a workshop. So we did... late November I planned a "Designer Diary Day" workshop when we could all get together to alter our diaries and have a bit of a catch up and gossip (as you do!!!)

Over the year's I have learned a number of tricks with altering my diaries. One really important thing I learnt was the importance of buying a ring bound diary who's rings align with those of my Bind-It-All... because it makes life so much easier in the long run through the altering process especially if you plan to add extra pages like I do.

I know it's not strictly Christmas related... but I consider it part of my planning process to do this each year and as it's my blog and my Christmas Craft Challenge I can do what I want!!!


 Love this patterned paper... it's so me!! And there's just a hint of glitter... cos what girl doesn't need a little bling in her life!!!???
 Inside front cover (also did the inside back cover the same) and the first of my monthly dividers.
Close-up of the monthly dividers - first page.
My planning page for my blog. It's always handy, so I can write down my ideas on the run as I come up with them and plan my blogs. 
On the back of the monthly divider is a list of all the important dates for the month, including things like Mother's Day and Father's Day. This helps me to remember what presents I need to buy as well as plan my card making... 
(I need as much help as I can get with this!!!!)

And in case you are interested in seeing my creations for the previous years... here are links to them...

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