Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 19

Day 19 - Gift Card Wrapping

Every year I give a few gift cards to various family members. My parents usually get one as they live out of town so a gift card is always much safer to post (and usually cheaper as well). As my step kids get older, they have also asked for gift cards as presents so they can buy something they like or they save them up to buy something a little more expensive.
So each year I try to find a new way to wrap them up, rather than just putting them inside a Christmas Card.
2010 - Gift card folder and band with stick pin
2011 - Santa themed gift folder

This year I was a little pressed for time, so I did some googling (as I frequently do) and found a tutorial for an Origami Gift Card Holder... all you need is a piece of paper 9" x 9".
For instructions... please check out this tutorial
This paper was quite heavy, so I found the finished folder separated quite a bit at the top (which I didn't like) so I added a small strip of self-adhesive fabric tape to hold it together. 
 I also then added a folded strip of paper to hold it closed. Just left over paper folded on itself twice (bit like making paper bias binding) then slipped inside the two halves of the folder to hold it closed. This worked like a charm and meant I didn't need to use any adhesive to hold it closed.
Opened up you can see there is room for two gift cards or one card and a small note.
After making a few of these, I came to the conclusion that a medium weight paper was best for making these. If it is too heavy, the folder doesn't stay closed very well and can be difficult to fold in the first place. If the paper is too light weight/thin, it doesn't feel thick enough to protect the card inside. This paper also was decorated with glitter coated stripes. I found as I folded it, the glitter cracked rather than folded... and being a perfectionist, this annoyed me. Paper choice is important!!!

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