Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year... Where to now...

Another year is over... already... though it feels like it should still be mid April, maybe May of 2012, not early in January 2013. If the grey hair and deeper wrinkles did not give away the fact that I am getting older, then certainly the speed with which time seems to now be passing would definitely indicate this fact.

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed a magical start to the the New Year.

There are a lot of popular projects around throughout the scrapping and crafting world. There is "Project Life", monthly photo challenges, Tim Holtz's Tags, "One Little Word" to mention only a few. Some crafters will follow these plans and projects strictly to the letter, while others will follow bits and pieces or the general concepts of the project.

I tend to be the later... I take an idea or a concept and make it my own... sometimes following the concept or the intention but in my own way and other times I will head off in a complete tangent so that I end up bearing little resemblance if any to the original idea.

This year is no different... so like a lot of scrappers and crafters I have been thinking of my word for the year for several days. I tossed a few words around, mulled them over, thought of some more and in the end kept coming back to the one word so by a process of elimination concluded that it was to be my word for 2013.

I should say I tried this last year... and failed... miserably... but I live in hope that this year will be different... any way so now for the big announcement... my One Little Word for 2013... is
I have a couple of ideas already of how I will be adding this to life as I know it... and no doubt there will be more exciting opportunities and projects as we progress though the year.

I hope you will join me on my journey as well as sharing your journey with me.

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Carrie said...

Great word. Look forward to seeing what you discover as you 'Explore'!