Friday, January 4, 2013

Exploring Through Photography

If you saw my earlier post about my "One Little Word" for 2013... then welcome to my first project in honour of "Exploring".

Over the years I seen quite a few monthly photo challenges, where a blog host will give you a list of photo ideas or opportunities for each day of the month. Then the next month you get an entirely new list of photo ideas.

As much as I love the idea of taking a photo every day... realistically that's just not always possible for me. And then to make matters worse I can never remember what picture I'm supposed to be taking on what day... I'm nothing if not honest about my failings!!!

Sooooo, I've decided to do my own daily photograph challenge... with a difference. Yes I will post daily photographs... (okay I have a few days to catch up) but I'm not going to pressure myself or feel guilty if I don't take a photo today but take two tomorrow... or take two today and don't take one tomorrow.

The second thing I am going to do is have the same challenges for every month this year... so I can add one list of photos as a note in my phone and I will be set for the year!! For this reason I have deliberately left my photo topics nondescript and open to wide interpretation.

You are more than welcome to play along... or just enjoy the evidence of my "Exploring" through photos.

So here is the list of photos... yes I know not every month has 31 days... that just means I can either, post multiple photos on some days or just skip some photo prompts some months... see no stressing!!!

To download a copy of the list in a Word document follow this link - download.

1.       Create
2.       Place
3.       Ordinary
4.       Seasonal
5.       Recurring
6.       Event
7.       Dramatic
8.       Mundane
9.       Magical
10.   Artistic
11.   Sensual
12.   Art
13.   Small
14.   Happy
15.   In
16.   Self
17.   Down
18.   Exploring
19.   Up
20.   People
21.   Nature
22.   Colour
23.   Light
24.   Moody
25.   Dark
26.   Work
27.   Out
28.   Extraordinary
29.   Big
30.   Texture
31.   Home

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