Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Craft Challenge 7 of ?

I know this wasn't intended as a Christmas gift but it was a little late arriving, so thank you to my lovely and talented friend Lainie... and I'm counting this as a Christmas Craft cos it's just so darned cute!!

This was for the Candy Station Swap we had on Artistic Creationz a wee while ago. Lainie was so determined to get this right that she made not one, not two but three versions to get the look she really wanted... been there, done that and will no doubt do it again!
There were some chocolates with this... they were very scrummy... but alas they didn't make it to the photo shoot... oh dear, how sad, never mind.

 Stunning decorated candy station box that is a mini set of three drawers... and a bag of goodies that wouldn't fit inside... more on that later.
All three drawers open independently. 
 The top is just so adorable.
 I love the way Lainie made these handles. They are cotton thread through a bead and mini metal plate or bead cap. So simple, but so effective!
WOW - all these glorious metal charms and goodies were inside the top drawer tucked inside some stamped tissue paper. 
 Double WOW - all these goodies were in the second drawer. Huge and varied goodies that are perfect for mixed media projects. And some stamped tissue.
Triple WOW - awesome feathers and shells. Some really delicate, really finely shredded patterned paper - brilliant idea... and the most amazing paper feather. And some more stamped tissue.
Inside the bag of goodies (that didn't fit inside the drawers) were some wind works and some cotton reels... "real" (get it) vintage. I remember these from my mum's sewing kit from way back when I was knee high to a grasshopper.

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