Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas Craft Challenge - Second to last....

Just before Christmas Bltzy had their sale and I did a little spending... kind of a Christmas present for me or the studio. I really love my Tim Holtz Distress Inks from Ranger and have been waiting for some good prices to extend my range. I've also been needing (not wanting) to get some Distress Ink Refills. Some of my favourites were starting to look a little dry, so I've been looking around for a while, so when I saw them on Blitzy I jumped at the change to stock up on the ones I needed as well as some for as many of my Distress Inks as possible... including the new ones I was buying.
New Distress Ink colours...

Awesome Distress Ink refills - YAY!!! 
Updated my Distress Ink swatches so I can see what all the colours look like. The original post when I set up my swatches is HERE. If you don't have something like this, then I suggest you take the time to create it. It's a huge time saver, not to mention saves you buying colours that you already have!!!

And then I found some stamps...
I've always wanted some Tim Holtz stamps but they are just so expensive here in New Zealand and really hard to get. I found these Wendy Vecchi stamp sets for Stampers Anonymous and had already ordered these and then a week later Blitzy had their big sale and they had some Tim Holtz stamps from Stampers Anonymous so I bought some of these as well.
These first four sets are from Wendy Vecchi for Stampers Anonymous.

And these next ones are from the Tim Holtz range from Stampers Anonymous. Some of the stamps in the Classics series are from other designers.

I can't wait to use all my new purchases. Definitely some projects in the mix for some up-coming major events in the planning for this year! Will let you know what I think of them after I've done some testing.


Gypsy said...

Did you see ranger are now bringing out the distress inks in 1 inch square pads? Having completed collecting the range I'm a little annoyed because those would have been perfect for my needs and taken up less space. Plus a new circular 1 inch diameter blending tool- so you don't get those hard edges like with the rectangular one.... why didn't someone think of the sooner! The Tim Holtz, Dina Wakely, Dyan Reaveley, and Wendy Vecchi videos from CHA on are well worth a look!

Gypsy said...

Oh and by the way- very cool stash!

Paula Lynne said...

Yes I saw the mini Distress Inks and have to say they look cute and would be useful but I still like the larger surface area of the originals. I do like the round blending tool though and can definitely see the benefits of this new tool.
I'm still building up my stash of Distress Inks... getting there slowly, but good things come to those who wait.
I watched some of the videos, though I am sure there are some I have yet to watch. Hope to catch up on them over the long weekend!
And thank you. I'm looking forward to christening these stamps!