Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Doodling Un-Challenge - The continuing saga...

Okay, so saga is probably a bit dramatic... but it sounds more interesting than continuing story... I know you have been hanging out to see what came next in the series so no more waiting...
Day 8 - Spider Web 
Day 9 - Snakes and Ladders 
 Day 10 - Patchwork
 Day 11 - Legs Eleven
 Day 12 - Muffin Time
 Day 13 - Another Brick in the Wall
 Day 14 - In Ancient Times
Day 15 - Concrete Jungle


Morgyn Mlinarek said...

I love these Paula - they are really great! what is the challenge?

Paula Lynne said...

Hi Morgyn,
Poetspice on YouTube is running a doodling challenge for the month of January on her channel
I thought about entering it, but decided to do the challenge. i.e. create the daily doodles, but without actually entering the challenge.