Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas Craft Challenge - Last one until Christmas 2014

At long last (I hear you breathe a sigh of relief)... the last of my Christmas Craft Challenge. 
These are the totally awesome crafting books that I received from my darling hubbie and son for Christmas... that I totally bought online for them to give me.
I'm a little disappointed in this book as it's not really what I thought it would be. There are still some things for me to learn from it, but it's more project based than technique based and at this point in my crafting I want to learn techniques and new uses for products and media. I have none-the-less seen some things I think are quite cool and I look forward to trying.
These two books (above and below) were more what I was looking for. More techniques and uses for both products and tools as well as explanations about the process of art journaling. The bottom book includes spaces for you to try the techniques actually in the book so you end up creating your own reference book of techniques. As much as I love the idea, I'm not sure I can bring myself to do this... I was brought up to respect the sanctity of the written word. A book was never to be destroyed like this by writing in it let alone painting, so this will take a mind set change for me to use as it is intended.

These last two books are definitely what I was looking for. I am definitely a technique girl. I love altering things and adding colour and texture and interest. I love that I will be able to learn new techniques and apply them to art journals, mixed media projects, cards and layouts. I think these two books will most definitely be getting a good work out for a long time to come.

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