Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best & Worst - Christmas Pressies 2010

To be honest there really was no "worst pressie" as such as I liked them all, so today's blog on the best & worst should really be titled "The Best Christmas Presents - 2010".

I loved Christmas 2009 because my girlfriends & I all bought each other scrapping related presents for a Christmas Present Challenge, though we had all year to purchase the goods within a framework of gifts and budgetary ideas. It was the best Christmas gift ever unwrapping the gifts everyone bought each other (and themselves) because we knew they were all scrapping related. Well it was the best Christmas gift ever, until Christmas 2010.
Last year I was fortunate enough to receive two special presents, not that the rest weren't lovely, but these two were pretty amazing for different reasons.
The first, was my Secret Santa gift through Crafting Passionz. The specifications were something scrapbooking related between $5 - $10. I love any gifts scrapbook related, because more often than not the gift-giver will usually buy something that I wouldn't buy myself, but that I end up using and absolutely loving. And even more so, if the gift-giver is a scrapper themselves.
I was lucky enough, blessed even, to be matched with Shar, the organiser of the swap. Shar, bless her heart, send the most AMAZING gift made up not only of some bought items but some TOTALLY COOL handmade items that she made especially for me. I was so blown away (and left feeling a bit guilty about what I had send my poor gift recipient).
 Just look at that stash. I don't have any Martha Stewart stamps, so this was an incredible bonus especially as I just love acrylic stamps. The Making Memories metal combo will look lovely on something altered or heritage. The scrolls I love and have some in my stash already, so they will soon be used in a project and I definitely don't have enough ribbon or storage containers for all my beads.
 I love this!! What more can I say - thank you Shar... all I need now is somewhere to display it... and I did get a very smart idea last night so watch this space.
This altered match box was too cute. And I loved the way that it matched my "P" but to see all the treasure inside it as well, just blew my mind away. Lots of charms and filigree beads to use in both my scrapbooking and jewelery making.

Earlier I mentioned two presents that were special this year. The second present wasn't a surprise for me... I dropped some less than subtle hints to my darling husband about what I wanted. I pointed out adverts on television, in brochures and mailers and even in shops when we saw them on display. I even pointed out the price when they were on special. 
What makes this gift so amazing was that it really was the first time my husband had actually bought me a gift that was scrapbooking related and that I really wanted. I love him to bits, but let me just say that his past history of gift-giving leaves a lot to be desired... however he made up for all of that and is back on par with my 2010 Christmas gift.
So what was it... I really wanted a Cuttlebug die cut machine from Provo Craft. Why I hear some of you say when I already have a Wizard (which I don't use); a Sizzix which I use quite a lot and a Klic-N-Kut which I love but am still learning how to use? I wanted one because I have a few larger and longer dies that just don't work that well in my Sizzix... you know the banner/border type Sizzlet dies that are so cool. And I have collection of Cuttlebug embossing dies that are a tight squeeze into the Sizzix.
Unfortunately dh was a little late in buying my present... the weekend before Christmas... so he ended up missing out on the special and had to pay full price but he still bought it... he's at a loss as to what the hell was in the box and how it works, but he knows it was something I really wanted and that was all that mattered. Thank you my darling, Pete.
And added bonus... four sets of dies included free with the machine... sweet!!!

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