Thursday, January 20, 2011

Layout (Sort Of)

Today is layout day, and I know it's not strictly a layout, but its my blog so I can bend my own rules to suit my own needs lol.

It's actually the cover of a 6" x 6" mini album I am keeping for the year to record all the books I have read.

I will be interested to see if anyone can guess how I made the cover... leave a comment and I will let you know if anyone guesses correctly.


Carrie said...

OK, I'd say you covered it backwards - ie you covered it from the inside, wrapping the edges over onto the front and then water curled the edges back? How far off am I?

ScrapFX said...

Spot on Carrie.It was a great way to cover both sides of the album at once and is a technique I will use again.
Being such a small album, its only 6" x 6", it was a great way to use up a largish scrap of paper without cutting into a brand new piece.

Gypsy said...