Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off-The-Page "2011 Diary"

I loved what I did last year so much that I just knew I had to personalise this year's diary as well. Look out next year!!!
This year I was a little wiser and took something with me that had the hole widths & sizes that my Bind-It-All cuts, so that I could look for a diary that already had the holes cut to the same size and dimension (a lesson from last year). I could only get a page per day diary so hence its a bit on the "chubby" side but that means more room for sketches & ideas.
I removed the flimsy plastic covers and replaced them with board book covers with I decorated with patterned paper, inside & out. I punched holes to align with the existing holes using my Bind-It-All.
I also add some month dividers like last year, but this time instead of adding pockets to them (which I hardy used last year) the dividers are actually doing TRIPLE duty.

  • First, as dividers so I know when each month begins & ends

  • Secondly, as a monthly planner for my blog, so I can keep on top of what blogs I'm doing when & what pre-planning & preparation I need to do before posting

  • And finally the back of each divider is printed with the list of important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries etc, so I know when & who I need to create a card for. There is plenty of space for adding extra birthdays so if you want a card you had better make sure I know when your birthday is!!
The printing was a bit haphazard this year which disappointed me, but then my printer is playing up. I just hope I don't have to think about replacing it as up until now it was a terrific printer. Given that I am the only one who will be looking at it, I was happy to use the pages as they printed, they were still usable if the printing was a little skewed. Anyway, I did photograph some of the better pages, so you can see how it all looks.


Sharlene Wilson-Valk said...

Diary looks really cool you should look into doing these on pre-order to sell for next year. I would be really keen

ScrapFX said...

I can do that for you Sharlene. If you want one for this year I can do that as well. Only comes in the page per day size, but you can pick what ever colours you want for the cover and inserts if you want them. Send me an email to, let me know if you want inserts, anything on the inserts i.e. calendar & blank birthday list (except for my birthday which is included FREE of charge), also colour preference. I will let you know price if you are interested.