Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Card Day

After yesterday's technique class on using paper napkins, it seemed fitting to make some cards & maybe a layout or two - still working on them - using the paper I created.
These will be blogged about over the coming weeks, but I just thought I would start with a quick card I created yesterday after the technique class.

  1. Fold white card into a card base. I used a pre-cut card base and folded along the pre-scored centre fold.
  2. Trim napkin covered card stock to size. I cut mine so that it was 1/4" smaller than the card base on all sides.
  3. Using a paper piercer & templates I pierced holes around all four sides of the card, then with two strands of embroidery thread, hand sewed a quick running stitch around the paper to create a border. I didn't want anything too heavy.
  4. Then I pierced the stems for the flowers having roughly worked out where I wanted to place the flowers.
  5. I sewed the stems using a back stitch so that the stems were complete, and used a full six threads of embroidery thread to give these a little more depth.
  6. Placed the flowers at the end of each stem. They are self-adhesive foam flowers I bought pre-made.
  7. Finally I added a rub-on sentiment inside the card and wrote it to the person I am sending it to.

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