Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sorry I'm a bit late posting tonight as I was crafting while doing an online class and taking notes. The class ran a bit longer than expected, but I'm here at last - not too late.

Flowers are really popular at the moment, especially hand-made ones whether made from cardstock, patterned paper, ribbon, fabric or anything else. I made some flowers last year for a swap - Felt Flowers and Paper Flowers - but wanted to explore some more and thought that it would be a perfect way to use some of the napkin decorated paper I made earlier in the week. I did warn you I hadn't finished with that creation, there will be more.

So here are today's handmade item - a double layer, shaped flower with a hint of colour from my home-made Glimmer Mist as well as some of the real stuff.

  1. I cut the individual petals from the napkin covered paper using my Cuttlebug - more on that tomorrow. 
  2. I shaped each of the petals using only finger pressure to give them a 3-dimensional look.
  3. Punched a small hole in the end of each petal using my Crop-O-Dile.
  4. Threaded a brad through the holes then spread the two layers of petals about evenly.
  5. Spritzed the flower with some of my home-made Glimmer Mist as well as some of the real thing for a hint of colour.
  6. Dried and reshaped the petals using my heat tool.
My only change would be to spritz the petals individually for a more even coverage then thread through the brad to hold it all together. And less hassle not spritzing the sexy brad if it's not in the way either.

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