Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - Changes to the Blog

The end of 2010 has seen a huge turn-around for me personally. I finally secured some temping work, after 18 months of being unemployed, so all my plans for my second year of a Christmas Challenge went out the window. (I interviewed one day and started work in the CBD the next day having to contend not only with suddenly working a full day, but also having to travel up to an hour or so each way as well.) 
All the travelling has given me time to think about where I wanted my crafting and my blog to go. 

  • Did I still want to keep crafting? - an emphatic YES
  • Did I still want to keep blogging? - a slightly less enthusiastic yes, given I feel like I am doing this purely for myself. The lack of comments and feedback is discouraging as it seems people will only comment if there is something in it for them... like a freebie or give away.
  • Do I want to continue crafting and blogging in the same manner and format that I have done in the past and in particular during this past 18 months? - an emphatic NO
I'm still thinking about the changes I want to make to how & why & where & what I craft... so more on that later, but I have at least come up with a plan for my blogging. It's going to be pretty intense - daily blogging (no pressure Paula) but hopefully I can organise and prepare in advance enough so that I can reduce as much unnecessary pressure as possible.

So what is the mysterious big plan for 2011...

TUESDAY's CARDS are really fast;
THURSDAY's LAYOUTS are my fav's;
FRIDAY's got PHOTOS all galore;
And SUNDAY's blog is all the rest,
From the very WORST to the very BEST.

There will be some one-off items which are blogged from start to finish in a 5 minute read as well as some on-going projects which may take the whole year (or more) to complete so you will get regular updates on the progress I've made. As well as paper based crafts, I may also try to sneak in some other crafts to show off my versatility.

And maybe, just maybe (no promises on this one)... there could be a freebie or two along the way.

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