Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Craft Challenge 2010 - Day 14

December 14th 2010

Christmas Cards

Today we see the revisit of the little beaded decorations I made a couple of days ago as they remake their appearance, this time as removable decorations on my Christmas Cards.

  1. Fold pale blue card base.
  2. Cut patterned paper to size.
  3. Run ribbon strips through Xyron 150 machine. (I ran them through in lengths to make four cards at once then trimmed to length as I adhered the ribbon).
  4. Lay thin ribbon across patterned paper then stick large ribbon strips from step 3, over the top to adhere in place.
  5. Adhere patterned paper to card base.
  6. Cut card strips long enough for your sentiment. Cut all fours corners with a corner rounder.
  7. Add rub-on sentiment centering across card strip.
  8. Adhere sentiment strip with double sided foam adhesive to give additional depth to your design.
  9. Attach beaded mini ornament using the thin ribbon attached in step 4.
  10. Fill in your card & post or deliver to recipient.
I managed a production line with these cards. Cut everything out, ran the ribbons through the Xyron etc in bulk then assembled all the cards through each step though still managed to ensure each card is different through the use of different coloured thin ribbon, sentiments & of course the beaded mini ornaments.

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Gypsy said...

Hey you, Love the cards, just checking in on you because you've missed a few days. Every thing ok?