Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Craft Challenge 2010 - Day 7

December 7th 2010

Gift Card Folder

My parents live in Christchurch whilst I live in Auckland so getting gifts to them can at times be a bit awkward. As they are both quite the Wine Connisseur, the past few years I have bought them a voucher for a bottle shop so that they can go and purchase some nice bottles of wine to enjoy. I do this as unfortunately wine bottles have a tendency not to travel all that well, so this method allows me to give them something that they will enjoy without the risk of breakage - no offence intended to the wonderful NZ Post staff.
Long gone are the days of paper gift vouchers, they all seem to now look like credit cards, which can easily get lost in the envelope unless securely adhered inside a card or something. To make it all look a little nicer I have gift wrapped the gift card to slip in with their Christmas card.

  1. Cut cardstock to 22cm x 12cm and score at 6cm & 14.5cm from one end.
  2. Round the two top corners (the 6cm bit) using a corner-rounder punch.
  3. Cut a rectangle of patterned paper 21cm x 11cm, round the top two corners. NB: If your patterned paper has words on it check which direction they will lie before cutting the top corners. You want the wording on the front of the card to be the right way around, not upside down.
  4. Fix the patterned paper to the cardstock with double sided tape. Take care to fold on the score lines marked onto cardstock base.
  5. Cut two lines in the back portion of the gift wallet for diagonally opposite corners of the gift card. This will stop the gift card sliding out of the wallet during transporting (or gift giving).
  6. Insert the gift card into the slits.
  7. Cut a 20cm x 2.5cm strip of card stock. (Mine is slightly wider to accommodate the width of the Maya Road Velvet Blossom Trim).
  8. Decorate with patterned paper or ribbon.
  9. Layer the strip around the wallet to form a band to hold the wallet closed. Secure the ends with double sided tape.
  10. Add an embellishment to the band to decorate. I added a decorated stick pin which coordinated with the burgundy of the cardstock & velvet trim.

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