Monday, June 17, 2013

Art Journal Page

I've finally been working on some more pages in my art journal. Here is the first page.
I used the techniques that I learnt from Donna Downey at Creative Adventures Downunder 2013, and repeated the exercises that we did in class, though this time I started with a cool palette of colours - light blue, dark blue, green and purple acrylic paints mixed with white gesso.
When I drew the image this time, I drew discrete images rather than one continuous line. I then coloured the background once again but this time with a warm palette of colours - yellow, orange, red and hot pink acrylic paints with white gesso.
When I went over the lines I had drawn with Indian Ink, I extended these inside the image to add additional dimension, then added texture to the image with fine detail lines. Doing this, brought back memories of being a teenager and doing many a pen and ink drawing for art class.
Close up of some of the detailing as well as the texturing of the background.

I really love the way the colours mixed yet still retained their vibrancy in this painting.
After I had finished my art page I created an extra background by swirling and dabbing the leftover paint onto another page. I REALLY love the way this background turned out and I will definitely be doing something more with it soon.

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