Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shades of Grey - Week 24

Here in New Zealand, Christmas comes in the middle of Summer, so celebrating with all the trimmings of warm mittens, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, hot Egg Nog etc etc, really tend to get missed out, because lets be honest, it's usually just too darned hot.
I will admit though, and my family is no exception, that there are still a lot who celebrate with some traditions, like a hot roast meal for Christmas lunch. (Though some also prefer a nice salad with selection of cold meats).
Anyway... over the last few years, there has developed quite a tradition of celebrating a mid-Winter Christmas here in New Zealand, with the more traditional trappings of the Winter period, even though not all of us get snow in Winter.
So in honour of a mid-Winter Christmas I wanted to share some grey/silver Christmas decorations.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without tinsel! Say no more!!

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