Sunday, June 9, 2013

YouTube Videos... Making My Online Presence Felt

I'm in the process of trialing different camera locations for recording videos. I still don't have it perfected but I'm making progress all be it not as fast as I would like.
I still need to make sure I keep the tripod legs out of the picture... and remember to check no odd bits and pieces make it into the shot (doh... shoulda' checked that!!) and sort out the lighting and sound quality and... and... and...
Okay so maybe I'm being a little bit of my perfectionist self and maybe I should just put them out there to build up a following and work to keep improving instead of demanding perfection of myself from the start. After all everyone has to start somewhere and isn't learning part of the process... don't I sound like a therapist's dream patient LOL.
So here are links to the latest couple of videos I have posted:
Happy Mail - A video of the prize I won from Heartfelt Creations in the competition they ran on Facebook
Structure Strips Storage - A video of a construction project I made using what I had learnt from Jim the Gentleman Crafter at TheGentlemanCrafter channel and Laura at FollowThePaperTrail channel.
I hope you enjoy these videos. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can be updated whenever I add a new video... and there will be a few new ones added soon.

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