Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 - Day 11

Tinsel Tree

Quick post as I'm running late. This is a small foam cone which I have decorated with tinsel. I held the tinsel in place using bead pins, so the tinsel can be removed and reused on something else and the cone can be decorated differently next year. I also have it for you plain as well as several different decorated versions... all done by changing the accents. Ideal for utilising the same decoration and changing your accent colour to suit your colour scheme for each year.
Plain - a collection of these tinsel trees in various colours and sizes without any accents would look lovely grouped together on a mantle or side table.
This is with a necklace of red faceted beads strung around it. I picked the beads up cheap in a mall and intend to remove the beads and re-use in other projects though for now they are adorning this cute little tree.
Beads threaded onto corsage pins with coordinating pin heads and then just stuck into the foam core. I left them extended enough so that they could be seen just out of the tinsel. Not only can you then alter the tinsel but also the colour of the pins and beads each year - fantastic budget decoration idea.

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