Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 - Day 12

Gift Tags

I finally got these started and finished over the weekend which meant I could then get all the presents wrapped for the family which in turn means I can now stretch out my legs under my crafting desk... FINALLY!!
Can I just say I am about over all the production line scrapping stuff for the time being. Just the last thing to do to finish off my Christmas cards, which I need to post this week if people are to get them in time and then I don't want to have to do anything production line style for several months!!!
Still it was all worth it when you see the gift tags I made. Now these are the ones for the family presents that I hinted at in my earlier blog on the Christmas Tags I made for the swap at Crafting Passionz.
Our theme for Christmas Day is Santa if you recall from my earlier blog on the invites I made for Christmas Day lunch at our house. So what could be cuter than little Santa Hat shaped Gift Tags.
Here is a close up of one of them. They were simple to make (once I had thought through my methodology) and used Bazzill Red Cardstock and Bazzill White Cardstock. The white is double thickness with the red hat sandwiched between two white pom poms and bands.

  • Cut red cardstock into 3" x 12" strips - I used three full sheets to make 60+ hats.
  • The base width is 2 1/2" so I marked these increments along the bottom edge then repeated along the top with an offset of 1 1/4" so my peak would be in the centre. (I didn't rule the lines just marked the end of each cut and eye-balled.)
  • Using my trusty trimmer I then cut my triangles out. You can cut 8 triangles out of each 3" x 12" strip.
  • Cut 1 1/4" x 12" strips of white cardstock.
  • Punch 1" circles from the white strip - you can safely cut 11 from each strip. Be sure to double the number of circles that you cut so you can sandwich the peak of the triangle between two circles.
  • I then cut strips of white 3/4" x 12" which I further cut down to 3/4" x 3" - again double the number of these as well.
  • Using your trusty corner rounder punch, shape the corners of the white hat band. I started using my corner rounder... one corner at a time. Then I remembered I have a Zutter Corner Rounder which can cut through heavy card and chipboard. Using this I could cut four at once, though I did try to stick to only three. This was MUCH QUICKER!!!
  • Run all the white circles and strips through your Xyron... this is so much easier than having to glue or tape each piece individually. When doing anything production line style... quicker and more efficient is always better!!!! (And helps to keep you SANE)
  • Stick it all together. I started by adding the bands to the hats first - both sides of all hats. Then repeated with circles... both sides all hats. This was also my check that I had cut enough to pair/match everything up.
  • You can leave them like them and just tape them onto the gifts or continue on with the next step.
  • Using trusty Crop-O-Dile hole punch cut holes through the centre of each pom pom. Be sure to make sure the hole you punch is the right size for the eyelet you will be adding... obvious I know (well it's supposed to be, but some of us have blonde moments when its a little late at night and your are starting to see red triangles and white circle blurring before your eyes!!)
  • Using the other bit of the trusty Crop-O-Dile squish the eyelet in place. You might like to make sure you have enough eyelets of the size and style that you need at hand otherwise just use creative license like I did and use whatever you have that fits. I did stick to white, red, silver and black - yes I was getting desperate by this stage)
  • Cut tie to length (I did mine 15cm or there abouts - sorry mixing my metrics and imperials... its how I work)
  • Tie both ends in a knot, thread through eyelet and loop ends through the loop so you have something to hang the gift card from.
  • Write your To and From on the front and/or back of the card and attach to the present.
  • Optional extra - send the present to me, especially if its scrapbooking related
A selection of the various eyelets...
There were a few others... but they didn't fit into the pretty pattern LOL
Finally attach to your present.

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