Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 - Day 21

Warning - Today's Blog comes with a warning. Anyone with a delicate disposition should not proceed any further. Do not read this blog in front of children or anyone with a faint heart. 

It contains not only stripping but partial nudity (of a sorts). 

Turn around...

Go back now...

OK, don't say you weren't warned!!

Here it is at last... my 2011 handmade Christmas Card.

Final chance to turn around...

Enter at your peril...!

As you know our theme for Christmas day this year is Santa.
So far we've had:

  • Santa Invites
  • Santa Gift Tags
  • Santa Candles
Well now it is the Santa Christmas Card...
I must give credit to Melanie Evans who's original design I discovered in "Cards & Crafts for Christmas Magazine" - I think the first Christmas special publication.

The Outside... Yes that is the same belt, well not the EXACT SAME belt, but you know what I mean.
Right about now is where you should expect to hear "The Stripper" music playing in your head...
As Santa slips off his belt... just a little tease of what is to come! (Yes I am warped!)
The Inside...

Let the therapy begin!!! And no I don't mean RETAIL THERAPY... unless you want to head along and do some shopping here!!