Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 - Day 2

As mentioned in my first Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 blog this year I have done some pre-planning. I started this way back on September 25, in the middle of the Rugby World Cup which was held here in New Zealand. I recall having an epiphany that it was exactly three months until Christmas Day, so I had better start to think about our plans. This was especially true given that the family lunch was to be held at our house, Rosehill Manor, this year. This was followed by the sudden realisation that I was losing time, because we were far too far through the year for what I thought we should be.
I set about sending all the family their invites to Christmas dinner. I decided that I wanted to get everyone into the spirit of Christmas for the day so that it would all be about fun, family and having a good time. I also decided I wanted a theme for the day.
The theme was really easy for me. What else epitomises Christmas but Santa? I should warn you then, that many of my Christmas craft creations this year will most likely be Santa related for that reason.
Keeping this in mind I set about drafting the invitations for the big day. I wrote a poem (well reworded one) to fit my needs, typed it up, made it look pretty, printed it out and then wrote a plain English version for those non-poetry aficionado in the family. I then search high and low and every corner of the internet for a really cute and really cool (and FREE) picture of a Summer Santa for the Southern Hemisphere... you have no idea how hard that was!!!!
I eventually found one which was the picture of a Santa at the Beach Statue for sale... I would like to buy the statue when I am a little more financial because the Santa just looks so much like my Dad.
So here it is...
Front Cover

Inside Poem

Back Page (English version lol)

I also want to send out a link to my lovely friend Gypsy and her blog. Gypsy is joining in and sharing her Christmas Crafts. She has always been an inspiration for me in so many ways not only as an amazing crafter but the coolest mother for four fantastic kids and an incredible teacher. Be sure to check out her Christmas Crafts as well.

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