Friday, December 30, 2011

My Word for 2012

Over the past few years I have watched as many of my scrapping and crafting friends have deftly announced their word of the year for the coming year. The word that will be their inspiration, their guide, their goal, their focus for the coming 12 months. I've never been so inspired or motivated to have my own "Word", until now.
This is kind of a new thing for me. I've no idea what to expect, what to plan, what form it will take, how I will record what this word means to me... nothing, just the word itself. I have faith that this is the right focus for me. I have faith that this is the right time for me to follow this creative journey. I have faith that things will all fall into place.

My word for 2012 is "Organisation".

Some who know me might question my choice... I know I have, several times. I'm an accountant, my day to day working life is all about organisation, I love systems, love methodologies, love organisation so surely this seems a bit defunct, a bit pointless, surely??
If I be honest with myself, and you... and in the past I have been (sometimes too honest)... despite my love of organisation at work, in my family life, my business, my scrapping, my home... it's all more like complete and utter chaos.
I'm not sure if it's a delayed reaction to what has been going on in the world around me the past 12 - 15 months or the impending threats of world annihilation (depending upon whether or not you agree), but being organised and prepared for whatever life is going to throw at me, seems really appropriate for the coming year. 
Along with all my crafting bits and pieces, new products, tutorials and everything I throw at you, I will be sharing some of my organisational tips, tricks, trials and tribulations. That and whatever and however I end up recording all of it.
I've taken my first step already... 
I've signed up to the 52 weeks to an organised home - weekly challenge through Home Storage Solutions 101. The schedule is up on their website for all to see, so you know what to expect when - I like this already. It also means that you can plan and alter as appropriate to suit your needs... for instance if you don't have kids or your kids are too old for you to clean their room, then you can always substitute these weeks for something else.
There is a link to the right (way down the bottom) of my blog so if you want to know more then by all means please go take a look.
There are going to be lots of other organisation and storage ideas over the next twelve months so be sure to check back for some inspiration.

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