Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 - Bonus

We've had a fantastic Christmas Day. Lots of presents, lots of lovely food... including my first ever turkey I've ever cooked with the most amazing Cranberry and Cashew Stuffing.
But I wanted to share the Christmas Cake my niece Kerry made for us.
The Santa on top is a ceramic candle holder for a tea light candle.
 The Santas on the side are scrapbooking embellishments which were removed prior to eating.
 As you can see below, Kerry made the cake with two different layers. The top was a Vanilla Sponge while the bottom layers was traditional fruit cake. We could have a piece of either layer or both.
I just love the look on my Granddaughter Sonia-Marie's face as she watches Kerry cut the cake.


jen said...

What an awesome cake....just fantastic. I'm now following your blog...I would love for you to stop by and visit mine sometime.

Mrs Frizz said...

what a gorgeous Christmas cake ...