Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 - Day 10

Glass Bauble - Tinsel

My lovely friend Gypsy has been writing a blog since forever. And I have religiously followed her blog posts each day for some time now. Over the months (years) I have viewed her creations with envy, amazement and a frequent desire to copy the hell out of what she creates. One of my favourite creations (well there are lots of these really) are all the personalised Christmas baubles she makes.
So I have started this tradition with my family... well my granddaughter only really, though I am sure once the rest of the family see Sonia's bauble I will soon be asked where is everyone else's bauble????

  1. Remove the cap of the bauble.
  2. Fill with tinsel. I threaded the tinsel in until I felt the bauble looked full enough then trimmed the tinsel to fit.
  3. Replace the cap of the bauble.
  4. Adhere glitter alphabet stickers to spell out the name or sentiment you wish to have on the bauble.
This took all of 10 minutes, if that. I love the way the tinsel catches the light. This is a nice easy craft and would be easy enough for any children to try as long as there was adult supervision given you need to use scissors and because the baubles are made of glass.

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Gypsy said...

That Pink really pops- I bet she loves it! I think I like the music bauble best of all the black and white is really classic and classy!