Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Craft Challenge 2011 - Day 18

Well we are into the home stretch. It's a week until the Big Day itself - Christmas Day.
Am I ready... kind of.
ONE present to buy.
TWO parcels to post to the South Island.
THREE impatient kids to put up with for a week who are all trying to come up with every excuse under the sun for why the presents currently under the tree need to be rearranged, AGAIN!
FOUR days of work left.
FIVE more Christmas Craft Challenge items to finish (yes some already completed - thank goodness).
SIX(TY) odd Christmas cards still to be finished and written and then posted.
SEVEN sleeps until the big day which I know will just fly by far too fast and then it will all be over for another year and I can relax!!!

I'd never heard of gift card wallets until last Christmas when I was googling and found a tutorial on them. I made a couple last year for various presents and have become quite a convert!
This year I have made another couple. One is what I would call credit card size, the other is card size. I can't say too much as you never know who is watching, but suffice it to say the second gift card comes with a "To, from and how much" tear-off portion on the top, so its double the size of a credit card.
I've made the same style of gift card wallet for each but the sizes are different as are the method closing/fastening the wallet. 
The smaller gift card wallet has a slip over band... in keeping with this year's theme. If you think it looks familiar you probably saw it here and just a hint... you will see it once more.

And that is an OLD gift card not the real one for anyone playing guess the gift card at home!!
As the larger gift card wallet couldn't be sealed at the sides (it would have been too wide for the envelope) I used the belt to hold everything in place by adhering it in position. The top flat folds inside the pocket to seal it closed.

Believe it or not, both belts and buckles are exactly the same size on both gift card wallets.

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