Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 22

To be perfectly honest I am about over this Christmas Craft Challenge. Who's silly idea was it anyway... that's right MINE!!!

I think it is more that I seem to have done little else for the past 22 days other than eat, sleep and drink Christmas Craft ideas. I have definitely spent far too much time on this.

So next year... (yes I am actually thinking of repeating this again)... I will be a little more organised. I think a little more forward planning would have helped considerably instead of deciding each day what I was going to make. That would also allow me to build in a little more time for those items that look like they will require a little more time, instead of trying to cram it all into one day.

Don't get me wrong I have loved every minute of my crafting time, which was feeling a little neglected I have to be honest, I just have ended up spending way more time on it than I had anticipated. I do love all my creations (for the most part) but most of all I think I have loved that so many people have given it a go, even if just doing one thing a week.

Today's craft challenge was not so much of an ornament as last minute Christmas presents. I've been putting them off, and putting them off and now all of a sudden it's three days before Christmas and I thought I couldn't do it any longer.

I wanted to make all my step children something special for Christmas. They are all getting a bit older now so for the girls I wanted to make them nice charm bracelets, and for my step son I decided upon a nice key chain as he now has his own house key to look after. I also needed a last minute present for DH's sister, so she is getting a bracelet as well.

I know none of them check my blog (yet) so I think I am fairly safe in posting a picture of their presents here. I just have to apologise for the quality of the picture, my camera didn't focus as well as what I thought it did and as the gifts are all now wrapped up... I can't retake the picture.

Kurt's Key Ring

Alysha's Blue Bracelet (Step daughter)

Robyn's Black Bracelet (Sister-in-law)

Lavinia's Pink Bracelet (Step daughter)

Chain, charms, key fob chain, jump rings, glass beads, spacer beads, eyelet pins, pins, lobster catches

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