Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 15

Today's Christmas Craft is one I completed at the weekend workshop I attended last Saturday. It is a 12 x 12 scrapbook page of my grand-daughter Sonia-Marie who is now nine months old.

She went and had her photo taken with Santa a couple of weeks ago. When mummy put her on Santa's lap, she looked at him for a couple of minutes, assessing who this strange fellow in the bright red outfit and white fluffy beard was. Then lifted her hand to his beard.

Now the way the story was told to me, Santa did a bit of a mild panic as he thought she was about to pull his beard down and pulled her hand back down before the picture was taken, still all lovely and smiley. He commented to mummy afterwards that she was the loveliest baby he'd ever had the pleasure of dealing with and he wished they were all like that.

My take on the story is a little different. I don't think she was reaching up to pull his beard. I think she was reaching up to play the game that she plays with Poppa. He was whiskers too, though his are because he doesn't shave every day (a bone of contention with Nana I might add), and when he plays with Sonia-Marie he says "Where's Poppa's whiskers?" and then she puts her hand up to feel his face. Of course it tickles her hand, so she then pulls it away giggling.

I think my story is much better than the original, don't you?

Anyway here is the scrapbook page, including Sonia-Marie "helping" to decorate the tree when her Auntie and Uncle put it up not long after the Santa photo was taken.

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Queen T said...

Yip I think your story is better - lol. Although my friends daugther pulled santas beard off a couple of years ago just as the photo was been taken - needless to say my friend brought that photo out of all the selection - ha ha ha