Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 17

Although it was a quiet celebration for dh's birthday, it was still a very busy one for me and creative to some extent. I baked!! Cookies AND a chocolate cake with icing. I KNOW!!

To prove it... here is the cake - no comments about my bad icing please lol.

Anyway, now for the Craft Challenge for the day...

I saw this in the Better Homes & Gardens magazine for December 2009 and thought it looked not only cute, but I loved that it was also functional, so I had to make it.

I know it's not exactly a traditional colour scheme, lets be honest its a bit out there and I love it. It was inspired by my dear friend the irrepressible Queen Tania who loves lime and purple. And before she asks, no I won't make her one, no she can't have this one, no the chocolates don't come with it they are for display purposes only and yes I will send you the instructions if you want them :-)

Felt, Embroidery Thread, Sequins, Sead Beeds

1 comment:

Queen T said...

Hell no - if I inspired it I WANT IT - lol - its cute and the colour combo is PERFECT!