Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 16

Today's challenge item would have to be the most difficult I have tried and possibly will try this year. It took some time to create when I add in glue drying time and I may still spend some time decorating it some more, though not just yet (maybe for next Christmas lol).

It was based on a project sheet I found online at Family Fun and it just looked so cute I couldn't resist. Unless you have plenty of time, patience and space in which to make a mess then you may want to resist despite how cute it looks as it took plenty of all of the above, but even then I would probably still attempt it myself because I do love it so very much.

My "Faux" Gingerbread House:

Front and side of Gingerbread House

Back & side of Gingerbread House

Corkboard, Tombow Mono Multi Glue, Helmar Foam Glue, Foam Sheets, Making Memories Paint - Red Roses, Semco Scrylic Paint - Hot Pink, Fiskars Swivel Finger Blade Knife, Fiskars Circle Template, Hand Punch, Pencil

I have to apologise up front that tomorrow's challenge item may not be posted until the following day as tomorrow is my darling husband's birthday and as tolerant as he is of my crafting, I think I really should spend some time with him lol.

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