Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 5

These two items follow on from yesterdays. A little simplier and easy for the kids to make though they may need a hand with the sewing. Relatively quick to make (though would've been quicker with less interruptions lol).

Felt; Embroidery Thread, Stuff It Polyester Fibre; Sequins; Seed Beads


Queen T said...

oh cute - am loving this challenge.

Julie said...

Here's craft challenge #4 and #5 and possible #6 if you want to count it. I posted them together. The kids are having a blast with these ornaments. I added the bag too since it is a handcraft Christmas item but it's up to you. But sharing is what makes this all fun anyways.

I love your felt ornaments. Hand sewing isn't the easiest for me except I did have to hand sew the bottoms on the bags so it is possible, just not the funest. :o)

Thank you for sharing your Christmas Craft Challenge, I'm loving it and also love see what you've been making and checking out other goodies too.

Have a great rest of the weekend Paula. Take care!

Gypsy said...

Not sure why but my PC won't let me comment on your blog I think it has something to do with the way I am signed in - it's the same with all the blogger blogs I try and comment on! Anyway I wanted to say I love what you have been doing especially liked the sequined heart and the way your advent calendar came out.
And also wanted to say thanks for the challenge I have a lot on at the moment and this is keeping me creating despite the busyness which is cool. Hmmmm perhaps I should just have a challenge every month?!