Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 and technically I have completed two challenges because I had a day off yesterday for DH's birthday... why do I do it to myself??
Why because it is all worth it when you see what you get at the end of it all.

I knew I wanted to make this item the moment I saw it in Cards & Crafts for Christmas - Volume 3. I even broke the second part of my challenge for this one item - to not buy anything new, but I just had to. I didn't have any suitable Christmas or other material and I didn't have enough stuffing... in fact I wildly underestimated the amount needed. Luckily my friendly fabric shop in Papakura had both the material when I went looking earlier in the week and the stuffing when I went in a panic this afternoon.

I looked at traditional Christmas materials and nearly went with a traditional colour scheme, each with gold embellishing through the pattern but then I found the material that I ultimately used and suddenly this item took on an additional meaning for me.

I selected material with hearts on it, in traditional Christmas colours to remind us of both the loved ones that we share our Christmas celebrations with on the big day, as well as the loved that we wish we could spend Christmas Day with but can't for whatever reason. (Yes I'm a sentimental sucker!)

I hope you love this sewn wreath as much as I do. I know this will be a treasured family ornament for many years to come... at least once I'm happy with the ribbons on top.

Fabric - Stof Quilters Basics Style 4513 in red, olive & cream; Stuff It Polyester Fibre, Cotton, Wired Ribbon

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Julie said...

I love it Paula. You did an excellent job and I like the bow. Maybe it needs tails but otherwise it's beautiful.
I finished up the last of my sewing for Chrsitmas. I have a couple of ideas for the kids the first part of the week and then the great party.
Go to my blog and see the latest, if you have the time.
Thanks for hosting the Christmas Craft Challenge. I enjoyed particapating.
Merry Christmas Paula.