Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 9

I have had the following items on my mind for some time now, just never got around to it.

My first inspiration came from the Pirongia Markets which a group of us went down to look at and I saw these for sale and decided I could make them myself and it wouldn't cost me as much.

With a 9 month old formula fed baby, we always have lots of large cans just sitting there doing nothing so I finally turned two into drums for the aforementioned baby - as in the Little Drummer Boy (or girl in this case)

The paint job isn't that flash but then she isn't going to care. And I would normally decorate my craft a lot more, but I know the way babies' minds work and even if I used superglue she would have it unstuck and in her mouth within seconds. So I err on the side of caution...

Formula cans, Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Faux Leather, Vinyl, Leather Cord, Rubber Bands, Making Memories Grommets, Crop-o-dile


Queen T said...

lol - when we were discussing the drums and ways making them I had the Pirongia Markets drums in mind when I goggle searched the image. I have brought like 10 of these drums from that guy - some at Pirogia Market and some from the Grey Lynn Festival - they are always a hit (excess the pun) with the kids.
You did a great job *clap clap*

Julie said...

I love these. Such a great idea. Hummm....mind if I copy them for my DC kids? I think I still have formula cans around here. I'll wait and see if you mind first.
For my Craft challenge check this out..
I'll count them as 6 & 7, I know I'm behind but I did just say 5 so not to bad. I think for the ornaments I'm going to let the kids glue on sequins and beads then they can hang them on their tree.
I love the way Terri's clip board turned out. Now I have one more to do for me (at least I'm thinking I'll keep it).
Keep up the great work. I have to go and check out your number 7 & 8. Take care Paula and God Bless.

ScrapFX said...

Hi Julie,
Of course not, go ahead and copy to your hearts content.
Just between you and I there seems to be a fair bit of that going on already if some of the rumours are to be believed lol.
That was certainly one of the intentions behind the Christmas Craft Challenge. Sharing ideas and finding new ideas to try.
Any questions about them, just let me know.

Thanks Paula