Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 8

Today was a busy day finishing off Christmas and birthday shopping (I have two family birthdays and one of my best friends also celebrates this month).

After the shopping comes the inevitable wrapping of presents and I have learnt it is always best to try to wrap them immediately. Not only does this stop the last minute panic when the gift is due to be given but also stops sticky beaks from checking them out lol.

I was about to wrap one present, a bottle of wine, when I realised that I didn't have a wine bag. It was wrapped in cellophane so I didn't want it to be crushed by wrapping it in tight paper so I got out my creative gear and alter a plain brown paper lunch bag into a lovely gift wrapping.

Brown paper lunch bag, Ink, Stamps, Crop-o-dile, Ribbon

I then wrapped a couple of birthday presents in a similar way as I didn't have any birthday paper only Christmas.

I also wrapped a present for a creative friend in brown packaging paper.

Brown Packing Paper, Inks, Stamps, Paper Ribbon, Flowers, Glue Dots, Craft Wire

That's my Christmas Craft Challenge for today... wrapping presents can be enough of a challenge on its own lol. I do have a couple of things partly finished, will hopefully have them done for tomorrow - just working through some technical issues lol.


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Queen T said...

I love the creative wrapping. I totally understand the ticky beaks - my darling son found his christmas present (an electric guitar) and we have now had to start a story involving neighbours - I had Bailey help me wrap the present and label it with a neighbours childs name - and the plan is that on Christmas Eve I will get Bailey to help to take the present over to the neighbours house and then we will not give it to Bailey until the afternoon of Christmas - I dont want him to think he was "right" when he found the present - I will let him sweat half the day - lol.