Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 2

Day 2 and I am a little more on the ball with getting the picture blogged.

Today I created some Beaded Crystal Wreaths based on a design by Susan Spatone which I found published at Crystal Wreath.

I didn't have the beads that Susan used in my stash so I made do with what I had - some tear drop beads instead. I made 2 colour variations - White/Pearl and Clear (or Aurora).

I also then made a version using a mix of white and clear Glass Chips (that's what I call them anyway).

Both are on 20 guage beading wire and have a gold ribbon bow which I tied on with the gold cording which I used to create the loop to hang it with. Very simple to make and great for the kids though watch the youngsters with the small beads as they are quite tempting to push into strange and unusal places.

I also then made a Pacifica version to reflect our heritage and Summer Christmas here in New Zealand.

It is made of shells, seed beads and metal charms though is otherwise constructed in a similar manner to the above wreaths.


Queen T said...

These are supa cute - that will be a lift from me - watch my space - lol

Julie said...

#3. I know, not in order....I'm a bit spacey. Anyways, I'm not even sure this counts but the kids did a Christmas card exchange and here they are working hard. We got out first card back this week, boy did that excite the boys. Anyways, here's the link....
So now onwards and upwards to the next goody. Not today though, sorta being lazy and just playing with the kids and then tonight going out with Kim for Girls Night Out. YEAH!!!

Julie said...

I love them Paula. I'm not doing this in order so sorry about that. I'm a bit spacey today. Plus, I'm not sure this counts but sharing anyways.
Taking today off to just putz and play and then this afternoon/evening going out with Kim for Girls Night Out. Can't wait. YEAH!!!

ScrapFX said...

Hi Julie
I think this is a fabulous idea and definitely in the spirit of our Christmas Craft Challenge. And yes I understand about the concentration span of a gnat... I have that problem here too!